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Bad Wrecks And PTSD: What Victims Should Know

by Alan Medina

When a serious accident occurs, victims can suffer from far more than physical injuries. Post-traumatic stress syndrome, better known as PTSD, can strike almost any auto accident victim. However, gaining personal injury compensation may require other elements to be present. Read on and find out more.

Mental Issues and Accidents 

While you can seek payment for physical injuries, lost wages, your wrecked vehicle, and more, being paid for only mental health issues is not possible after a car wreck. The problem centers around the way personal injury law requires a physical injury before coverage is considered. That means that if you are suffering from a mental condition as a result of the accident, coverage for that disorder is only possible if you also have physical injuries. For victims, the importance of seeking medical care after an accident should be underscored. Once you visit an emergency room or your doctor and you have verifiable injuries because of the accident, you may seek compensation for PTSD and other damages.

What PTSD is Like for Victims

Many people can only imagine what it's like to suffer from PTSD. Car accidents can cause disturbing effects for some people. It's not uncommon for victims of car accidents to need therapy and support as they work their way through the ordeal. Being hurt only makes things worse for victims. Many experience anxiety at the thought of being in a vehicle and may be unable to drive again. Some experience nightmares, eating problems, depression, and more.

PTSD is a specific disorder associated with traumatic experiences. Sufferers may feel some or all of the below issues:

  • Flashbacks are the hallmark of PTSD and involve the victim reliving the accident from time to time as if it were real.
  • Low level, constant state of anxiety.
  • Sudden mood shifts and moments of extreme agitation.
  • And more.

What is a Bad Wreck?

While all wrecks can be bad, certain accidents create more than the usual level of trauma for victims of PTSD. In some cases, the trauma comes from seeing a loved one hurt in an auto accident. If a loved one passed away as a result of the accident, the trauma can be excruciating to the victim. Victims with catastrophic injuries may be particularly burdened by symptoms of PTSD. However, even minor accidents can cause victims to suffer from PTSD.

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