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3 Critical Components a Truck Accident Attorney Will Handle for You During the Claims Process

by Alan Medina

If you or a loved one has recently been in a collision with a big rig, you're probably traumatized and left with significant injuries and property damage. Soon, you may also have to grapple with medical costs and other financial burdens. You're also likely to miss going to work, especially if you're undergoing treatment. To recover a settlement for your losses, you might consider suing the driver who caused your misfortunes. A truck accident attorney can walk you through every step of this process and ensure you obtain justice. They have the experience and resources to take on trailer companies and get reimbursement for their clients. Here are three crucial components they'll assist you with while filing your claim.

Collecting Evidence

Crashes involving big rigs are generally more complicated than other vehicle collisions. More parties are involved, and there is often more evidence to collect and review. If the incident occurred due to a breakdown in the truck's equipment, the manufacturer could be held responsible. The cargo loader or operator might also be accountable if loose goods caused the wreck or if they were texting or driving while intoxicated at the time of the accident. A lawyer can compile the details of your collision and get you a favorable settlement. They'll talk to witnesses, review police reports, examine the truck's black box, and assess your medical records. They'll then craft a final report that they'll use to defend your rights and get you the right reimbursement.

Drafting and Sending a Demand Letter

When dealing with insurers, preparing a demand letter is a crucial thing you should do. Drafting this document on your own is unwise, as its language must be specific and legally binding. If it's not correctly worded, you could inadvertently give up certain rights. A skilled lawyer knows how to word a demand letter and can help you maintain as much control over the situation as possible. They'll include damages such as the injuries you have suffered and lost wages and request a specific amount of money from the adjusters. This will give you a good starting point for negotiating and increase your chances of receiving a fair reimbursement.


If you're confused and shocked after a wreck, you may end up saying something you'll regret later. To avoid incriminating yourself, contact a lawyer. They'll handle all communications on your behalf and ensure your rights are fully protected. They'll also protect you from making any admissions of partial guilt, especially in the context of an apology, and prevent you from signing anything regarding the accident until you're sure.

If you've been injured in a big rig crash, having a truck accident attorney on your side is important to handle every aspect of your claim. These lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the right reimbursement while you concentrate on your recovery.