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How Often Will You Be Meeting With Your Workers' Comp Lawyer?

by Alan Medina

Some workers' compensation cases are handled without the need for an attorney at all. However, if you decide to hire a workers' compensation attorney, you might wonder how often you will need to meet with them to be able to seek the compensation that you deserve. 

Your Initial Consultation

You will first meet with your workers' compensation lawyer for your initial consultation. Then, you will want to discuss the concerns you have with your case. Issues that might arise include:

  • Your employer delaying the processing of your claim
  • Your claim being denied
  • Fears of your employer retaliating against you

Once you have discussed these issues with your workers' compensation lawyer, they will go over your legal options. Oftentimes, hiring an attorney will send a message that you are serious about your benefits being paid and your employer may be more eager to take the required steps. However, it is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for filing a workers' compensation claim or for hiring a lawyer.

When Your Case Has Been Filed

If you and your lawyer determine that the best way forward is to file a lawsuit, your lawyer will keep you up-to-date on the status of your lawsuit. You will be informed once your case has been filed and your lawyer will also contact you regularly to learn about your medical condition. 

Major Developments in Your Case

There might be a major development in your case such as the insurance provider filing a motion or your attorney may believe that your case could be resolved out of court through arbitration. An arbitration service is an alternative to going to court and is less expensive and more efficient.

When You Receive a Settlement Offer

Your attorney is required by law to inform you of when a settlement offer is made. You have the final say in whether the settlement offer will be accepted or not. Normally, with workers' compensation insurance, you would receive regular benefits that are at a set amount. However, if your attorney is able to negotiate a settlement, you may receive a lump sum immediately and you may find this to be more beneficial.

However, you are free to contact your lawyer at any time if you have a question or if there is something about your case that you're concerned about. A great lawyer will get back to you as soon as possible.