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Why Commercial Vehicle Wrecks Involving Alcohol Are More Serious

by Alan Medina

Commercial trucks are more difficult to operate and can cause a lot more damage when colliding with other vehicles. For this reason, it can be shocking when a commercial truck driver chooses to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. If a commercial truck driver collided with your vehicle and you believe they were under the influence of alcohol, you must act quickly to have the evidence preserved.

Commercial Truck Regulations

Because of how dangerous it is to operate a commercial truck while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this is one of the less common reasons for a commercial truck accident. However, if you believe that the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol, you should make sure that they are immediately subjected to a sobriety test.

Contact the police and inform them that an accident has occurred. You are required to report any accidents that occur. Inform the officer as soon as possible about the driver's drunkenness. Your commercial vehicle wreck attorney can then use this fact when negotiating with the insurance provider.

The Consequences of the Accident

A commercial truck drunk driving accident can have much more severe consequences due to how difficult these vehicles are to drive given how large and complex they are. The driver needs to use proper steering, braking, and navigation techniques. This is especially challenging the more weight the driver is transporting or when the driver is transporting shifting cargo.

When a driver realizes they are about to be involved in an accident, they are more likely to slow down the vehicle and engage in evasive maneuvers. However, a truck driver who is under the influence of alcohol will not react as quickly and the accident is likely to be more catastrophic as a result. Therefore, the courts tend to be harsher toward drivers who were drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

How to Determine Which Parties are Responsible

You might assume that the truck driver is responsible for the accident. However, the employer may also be held liable because an employer is responsible for performing regular drug and alcohol tests to make sure that the driver is not abusing any substances. If you can prove that the employer was negligent, you may be able to hold the driver vicariously liable.

In some states, you may even be able to take legal action against the bar that sold alcohol to the driver. Because commercial truck accidents can often lead to expensive damages, it's important to seek compensation from as many parties as possible. Learn more by contacting a local commercial vehicle wreck attorney.