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Did A Pothole Cause You To Have A Serious Motorcycle Accident? 3 Tips To Work With An Attorney To Hold The City Accountable

by Alan Medina

As a motorcyclist, it is frustrating to know that you can do everything you can to stay safe and still wind up in an accident due to someone else's negligence. While your worst nightmare might have been a head-on collision with another vehicle, you may have just realized that you can still experience serious injuries without hitting another person. Cyclists should be able to trust that the roads a city provides to the public are safe for people to drive on, and you put your trust in the city that you rode through. Now, you've hit a pothole that caused you to veer off the road or slide into traffic. As you work on healing from your injuries, you can use these tips to begin the process of working with your motorcycle accident attorney to hold the city responsible for the damages. 

Get Images of the Road Damage

Although you may be taking your case to the local court, you are still entitled to a fair trial. Making sure that you are treated with fairness is one of the main benefits provided by motorcycle lawyer services, and you can help by gathering indisputable evidence of what happened. Try to take pictures of the pothole as soon as possible after your accident. If you weren't able to do it at the scene of the accident, then try to get one quickly afterwards. Potholes can change significantly within a short period of time, so getting one as close to the accident as you can will help you prove your point.

Find Out the City's Previous Actions

The city has a responsibility to maintain their public roads, and repairing potholes is one of them. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can help you to track down records if the city has a history of not filling potholes in a timely manner. These records could prove that the city did not repair the one that caused your accident in a timely manner, and this could potentially help your case. 

Provide Information About the Cost of the Accident

Finally, you will need to prove how the accident has affected your life. Keep good records of every medical bill that you receive along with the receipts for supplies that you have used during your recovery such as bandages or over the counter pain relievers. You will also need information about the cost to repair your motorcycle or the loss of value, whichever one is more applicable. While the process of holding a city accountable for your accident is tedious, you can feel good knowing that your efforts are not just for you. Making sure that the city repairs potholes in a timely manner protects other motorcyclists that drive down the road.