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Bullied At Work? You Have Options

by Alan Medina

Bullying at school is a serious issue that is slowly being addressed through state law and increased awareness. Although specific laws preventing bullying at the workplace are yet to be on the books, an experienced lawyer can help you find relief using other legal provisions.

Workplace Bullying

At work, bullying is psychological and emotional torment that is not connected to simple job stress. When you are being bullied at work, someone is deliberately threatening you, humiliating you, or verbally abusing you. In addition, someone may also be interfering with your work in order to intimidate you and make you look bad to management and your coworkers. Bullying at work is seldom physical. Frankly, if it were, you could simply call the police and press charges. Workplace bullying is more insidious and harder to prove. 

Bullying Signs

The dread you feel about going to work can be caused by a variety of bullying behaviors. If you are being constantly criticized, no matter the quality of your work, then you are being bullied. If someone is always taking credit for your work, blaming and shaming you, and minimizing your legitimate concerns, you are the victim of a bully. Remember, bullying is a pattern of behavior and not bad behavior on a person's part for one day. A bully is someone who targets you with repeated abuse, often trying to isolate and exclude you from the main group. 

Legal Recourse

If you are the target of a workplace bully and cannot get relief from management, you need to consult with a personal injury lawyer. Although no specific laws against workplace bullying may apply, your lawyer can often use anti-discrimination laws already in place to get you the compensation you deserve. You may need funds to help with a variety of ills, including depression, low self-esteem, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. If you've had to take sick days or even quit your job due to the stress of bullying, an accomplished attorney can help you get the financial help you need. 

If you are the victim of a bully at work, do not stay silent. You are not at fault for the bad behavior of another. Complain to your supervisor or their supervisor if necessary and report the abuse. If you do not receive the help you deserve, consult with a personal injury attorney and go to sites to learn more.. No one should be forced to tolerate bullying in any of its forms.