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4 Types of Nursing Home Abuse Warning Signs

by Alan Medina

If you have a loved one living in a nursing facility, you will want to monitor this individual regularly. Studies indicate that elderly people who suffer from dementia have a higher potential of being abused, and approximately 5.1 million Americans over the age of 65 have been diagnosed with dementia. It's ideal to know the specific warning signs that can help you detect potential abuse in its earliest stages.

Type #1: Neglect

The job of the nursing home staff is to provide for the patient on a daily basis. If the proper care is not being given, you may notice the warning signs listed below:

1.  Change in the physical and mental state because the medication wasn't administered on a daily basis.

2.  The living area of the patient is consistently dirty when you visit. 

3.  The room of the patient lacks AC or heat when needed.

4.  The bedding isn't changed on a routine basis.

5.  Nutritious meals aren't being provided each day, and the patient has lost weight.

Type #2: Healthcare Fraud

It's not uncommon to be billed for healthcare services that may not have been provided. This is known as fraud and some the varieties of this are listed below:

1.  Performing excessive tests that may not be necessary.

2.  The use of unnecessary medical equipment.

3.  Bills sent to the patient for services that were never performed.

Type #3: Financial abuse

It's possible for the nursing home caregiver to have access to financial information, such as checking and savings account. This can make it possible for financial abuse to occur if this individual decides to do this.

Listed below are the warning signs of this abuse type to look for:

1.  If the patient's monthly bills are going unpaid.

2.  If money is suddenly missing from the accounts.

3.  Transferring the power of attorney (POA) to a person at the nursing facility.

4.  The transfer of deeds of property to a nursing home caregiver.

It's a good idea to keep a daily check on the elderly person's finances to avoid any of the things listed above from happening.

The challenges of finding and dealing with nursing home abuse can be numerous. It's important to look for potential warning signs and address these. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a personal injury attorney, such as Sarkisian, Sarkisian & Associates PC, who can assist you and provide you with the necessary legal guidance.