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Reasons To Immediately Enlist The Services Of A Personal Injury Attorney

by Alan Medina

Being involved in an accident is not only physically jarring, but you also suffer from emotional trauma. This is especially true if you were the victim and not the cause of the accident. During this time, chances are you will not be able to think straight and it may take you days or weeks to collect your thoughts. However, it is crucial to enlist the services of a personal injury attorney immediately as they can cater to a realm of factors as you are recuperating. Here are some of the reasons to immediately enlist the services of accident and personal injury attorneys.

File a claim within the statute of limitations

What people do not realize is that every state has their own statute of limitations regarding different claims. If you do not act fast, you could be disappointed to find out that your specific statute of limitations has already run out. This subsequently makes you lose your right to be compensated for any damages that could have come about from the accident. Hiring an attorney at the earliest convenience will ensure your claim is filed within the statute of limitations. Just as criminal cases have a statute of limitations, work related accidents also have a time limit to when a claim will be deemed expired. If you are dealing with a severe work injury, you may not be able to follow up on the report in time to get your worker's compensation. However, retaining an attorney will ensure this is done within the time limit.

Determining indirect negligence

There are some situations where you may have gotten injured due to indirect negligence. For instance, if you were injured at a supermarket due to a loose floor tile that caused you to trip. On the surface level, that may not seem like anybody's fault. However, if customers have previously complained about that same floor tile and nothing was done about it, then the supermarket should be held responsible. A personal injury lawyer would be able to find out if previous complaints had been filed and if you are entitled to some compensation.

Establishing liability

Not all claims are equal when it comes to personal injury cases. Your compensation heavily relies on the amount of liability that can be proven. A personal injury attorney experienced in this field will be able to disseminate the evidence methodically to establish the extent of your claim and the amount of compensation that you would require due to the negligence of the party at fault.